Returning to Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate

Consistent Commercial Real Estate (CRE) tenant and portfolio risk assessment is critical now more than ever. Many executives are not proactively evaluating commercial tenant risk, which may result in cash flow issues with late rent payments, or worse, with tenants going out of business and the cost of vacant commercial office space.

With the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is increased urgency to understand the CRE
portfolio—to be able to identify which tenants were on sound financial footing before the crisis hit and to better predict whether they can weather the storm. CRE-focused professionals would also like to know which tenants are falling behind on other payments (e.g., loans, leases, invoices, utilities) due to COVID-19, so that they have a heads-up that their rent might be late or missed.

The Commercial Real Estate Tenant Risk Assessment Report and App help to address these issues. Using detailed financial information for a building's tenant base, commercial real estate leaders and bankers can:

  • Evaluate a commercial tenant portfolio for financial stability
  • Flag tenants with increased risk profiles
  • Monitor tenants on a monthly basis to identify changes in payment patterns
  • Analyze tenant ability to continue on lease

Learn more:

"Leveraging Data to Thrive in a Transformed Commercial Real Estate Industry" by Equifax Commercial SVP & GM William Phelan

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